Oldschool Left 4 Dead 2 mods: remembering Telius 7

There’s an oldschool Left 4 Dead 2 mod that reminds one of an imaginary location deep within player Robert What‘s version / perception of the/a Big Science polyverse

Telius 7 is a quiet planet with beautiful skies of purple tinged blue. There are mountain ranges with fantastical views, deserts of secrets and large, isolated lakes of crystal water. Nothing lives here, but neither does anything die. There’s no sun, simply a crescent moon that hangs alone in a silent sky of permanent dusk, high above the stark dead trees and odd, perfectly rectangular patches of bare ground that remind one of carparks. An evocative, contemplative non-place, perfect for travellers of deep virtual space who require somenowhere to electronically meditate on the artificial natures of the hypermodern unrealities of the video real. Zombies – often used to give the place a hint of existential spice and aesthetic contrast – are of course available upon request

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Alan Vega / Suicide – Ghost Rider

Right off the rusty nail-studded bat, a warning: a muddy pulse – heavy repetition. Martin Rev at the controls, dealing out the code. We awake to find ourselves like Kyle Reese (with the One Thirty Second under Perry, ’21 to ’27) running hard down some filthy dark alleyway of the near future dystopian megacity in the hard slap middle of The Nth Century Prime. No time. Out of luck, options or choices and thankfully love. Only cold digital steel and a steely-eyed sense of style. Alan Vega on stage, where he was born, challenging Elvis by way of Sal Paradise on cheap amp. Showing how it’s done. Flared Jerry-Lee collars. He twitches as though electrified by fate, moves with Kabuki-precise, driven purpose – smoking a cigarette  like reality itself just called Last Call at the bar and he was about to (once again) eject himself back out (ie. deeper into) hyper-digital antispace

Varying degrees of warp, detracking, magnetic damage, decolorization, smearing, paranoia, and other glitches assault the cheap tape from which this awesome concert was ripped. Dark rings of pain and acute artistic intent around his eyes, Alan rapid-scans the frozen darkness immediately beyond the flare of the surrounding sentinel studio lights which provide no heat. Flashing like Sarah Fawcett in Saturn 3 on Blue Dreamers. The way Alan tightly draws his elbows in, a musical Karateka, before delivering another devastating switchblade line like it was raw electronic judgement. The way he wraps his hand around the mike chord (a gesture later used to effect by researchers like Rollins)

A matter how you much you can take and how much you can feedback. Damaged stars in the universe – a sudden echoing cry sounds out into/as the night. Shake it out, deal with it. Deals long done before we arrived on the Scene with our flash bulbs, press kits and placeholder philosophy about What It All Means.

Evoking The Video Real

The task is.. not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees
~ Erwin Schrödinger

Evoking The Video Real in Psychotronic Video Gaming

To Evoke The Video Real (eg. in Psychotronic Video Gaming):

To recall, arouse, conjure or awaken the particular (future nostalgic) ambiguous hyper-realities and imploding semiotic-aesthetic gestures, abstract representations and altered states of / suggested by (glitchy VHS) Video – often with pelicans

Examples of electronic play experiences which ‘evoke the Video Real‘:

Digital Art – Strobe Map 2 (Renata)

Digital art – “Stobe Map 2 (Renata)” – Gimp, 2490 x 2786, 11.4 MB, based on an old Quantel Paintbox manual / Video Synthesizers generally

Strobe Map 2 (Renata)
Strobe Map 2 (Renata)

Example Artist Statement

Commencing Stobe Map 2: the search for traces of Renata continues in the main floating database. Locking down all outside feeds – all Researchers standby for trap-gate tf16.v micro-core initiation. She is on the outside of the outside

Consider signal as the interruption – the glitch as the central missing statement of design. Global tilt pans diffusing the issue, rapidly reconfiguring notions of scale and aesthetic intent. Renata – electrosoul darker than Vantablack, stands cool and alone in her bioquantum flux-trap of dislocated memory and fractal prime time desire, kinda

= = = = = =

This art via Robert H. Dylan releases into the Libre Public Domain By-Default: No Licence – No Copyright – Maximum Fun

Saying goodbye to Youtube

“You promised me everything” – Dire Straits

After many years of cheap, brainless laughs you’re finally swearing off Youtube

You’ll no longer watch it, link to it from your blog or use it in posts to illustrate ideas – no matter how seemingly relevant or ‘useful’

The wastey time of Youtube has come to an end; it never was ‘your personal TV’ – you were simply caught, floundering uselessly in a large, dumb tube of digital waste belonging to faceless billionaires out for bloody ad-bucks – now, and forever presided over by the screamingly irrelevant Lord Of The Derps

Days of danger and infinite potential my unknown friend, call for clarity of vision and inner quietude- not the brash, self isolating electronic chatter of intrinsically foolish Culture-noise or gross public displays of ego privatization

So goodbye / good riddance, Youtube – it was intensely mild, dim Fun™ all the way

The last video you watched was “Dire Straits – Romeo and Juliet HD”:

[..] and as the images faded to a blue guitar solo and finally black, you found yourself again, more gladly lost – wandering the lonely, blasted hurricane corridors of time