Bruegel Cruises DayZ

“Bruegel Cruises DayZ”

Bruegel Cruises DayZ
Bruegel Cruises DayZ

Price for this concept considered as Virtual Art Experience: £3M

Example Artist Statement

Robert What: “Old Man Bruegel cruises DayZ in search of high adventure. Bodies litter the empty streets as his heavily armored patrol vehicle prowls an unknown neighbourhood to the North. Another stiflingly hot, dry Summer day in the unmapped borderlands. Bruegel is worried that the heavy iron bars across the windows of his car are spaced a little too widely for true anti-zombie comfort”

Wives and Concubines

Presenting “Wives And Concubines”

Price for this concept considered as Virtual Art Experience: £6M – for the forging of stronger links between Western and Asian writers

Artist Statement

Ideas for this experimental art / performance project emerged from watching the film “Raise The Red Lantern” (1991), directed by Zhang Yimou (張藝謀), from the novel 妻妾成群 (Qiqie Cheng Qun) by Su Tong (苏童 ). How this novel is no longer currently in print and not widely available seems baffling

Consider how changing the name from the novel’s original title of “Wives and Concubines in Droves” to the more vague / ‘exotic’ “Raise The Red Lantern” changes Western perceptions of the work – its core meanings

One is reminded of the classic series of crime novels “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson, whose original title in Swedish “Män som hatar kvinno” translates into English as “Men Who Hate Women” – precisely what the novels are about

The two ghostly characters seen in each image, 溺女 (nì nǚ) refer to a Cultural practice  “to drown girls”, ie. Infanticide

These 260 works display here in a nonlinear order

Allison Road and the promise of Virtual Ikea Horror@Home

Alien Fiction terms the new genre of High Quality V.R. Home-Based Horror “Virtual Ikea Horror” or simply “horror@home”

This is the promise of a threat by cool games like Allison Road (fan project version of Sony’s cancelled classic PT), which isn’t doing anything new – there have been haunted house games since forever – but not with this highly polished AAA-style, as though the house itself is an empty (pinkywhite upper middling class) showroom

Its like you’ve just tried one of the comfy beds in Ikea and accidentally nodded off – but now find yourself waking to a large, empty, and increasingly disturbing After Hours store of disturbingly nondescript existential terrors

Admit it, even Gone Home was ‘hella’™ creepy

One of the most deliciously disturbing thing about projects like Allison Road is how perfectly suited game development tools like Unreal Engine are to expressing this depressingly moody “horror@home” game type – as though they were made for it, an (/ideological) rendering of the (somehow) dangerous concept of “Home” in which all those bright, shiny surfaces are strangely untrustworthy by design

Allison Road rendered in Unreal Engine
Allison Road rendered in Unreal Engine

In such V.R. Ikea Horror games, the house itself seems the main threat – as though its very existence is a dark sign something is already wrong – not like in the horror movies of old where the house has been invaded by some evil force andor entity, but as though the idea of “Home” itself is the invasion – into reality, as though a living manifestation of psychological trauma, an inherent discongruity of negative postmodern architectural effect

A good example of this is The Leeds House in Manhunter – something about its slick architectural perfection is already trouble, and agent Will Graham senses it; it’s not just that someone is watching the house – but that the house itself stares out into the world with strange eyes, its very walls vibrating with ominous meaning and intent

The lesson to take from this is “Home” itself may be considered an unsafe Virtual Reality – a potentially botttomless rift in reality

Optical non-illusion (naive color study – for A)

[..] To rest at the noon hour and meditate on love’s ecstasy;
To return home at eventide with gratitude;
And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.
~ on Love by Kahlil Gibran

Optical non-illusion (naïve color study – for A)

Optical Non-Illusion (Naive Color Study - for A)
Optical Non-Illusion (Naive Color Study – for A)

Price for this concept considered as Virtual Art Experience: £12M

Example Artist Statement via Robert What

Robert What: “Bright days of optical non-illusion. Naive color studies for A. Soft tonal platelets suspended horizontally in the quiet Z-plane. Ever widening concentric squared spheres of gentle organic influence. An oddly muted palate of strange wild flowers raised to the air. I miss you”