A new term: “Borlotic” (Bored, Lonely, Artistic) and the Stallone connection

There is nothing more mysterious than a TV set left on in an empty room. It is even stranger than a man talking to himself or a woman standing dreaming at her stove. It is as if another planet is communicating with you
~ Jean Baudrillard, America

A new term for Researchers: “Borlotic” – signifying a state of “Bored, Lonely, Artistic”. Now forever arbitrarily associated with an enlarged screenshot of Sylvester Stallone in “Cobra” (a cheesy 1986 action flick directed by George P. Cosmatos) captured from a VHS tape in a sleezy highway by-the-week motel somewhere in Maximum Amerika – with cool shades – at precise time 0:00:00

Image Details: 3190×2016, 1.5hrs in Gimp

Borlotic: Stallone Cobra Shades VHS screenshot
“Borlotic”: Stallone Cobra Shades VHS screenshot

It is hoped this word andor this image will result in long postmodern essays / artworks which incorporate long, freeform philosophical discussions mentioning:

  • the everyday mundane
  • lonesome highway motels in America
  • deconstructions of on-screen hyper-masculinity
  • that purple-blue shade often seen in 80s video
  • the lo-fi VHS aesthetic experience
  • the unknown long distance artist
  • cool shades

The advantages of such a term is that Researchers may use any other three words they want – for example “Boner, Longing, Angst”

Virtual H.R. Giger currency note “Xenomorphic Null”

Consider the idea of a H.R. Giger currency – a darkly hyperreal unit of symbolic exchange in a Gigeresque anti-universe, that one always pays, precisely in order to remain in debt

Idea: There is only one Giger currency note – the Xenomorphic Null or “x∅” (pronounced like the word So with a Z, as in “xo what?”), conceptually ‘worth’ anywhere from – (minus infinity) to 0/1 (zero/one)

Image Details: 2882×1480, 3hrs in Gimp, shown here with a dark border

H.R. Giger Currency Note
H.R. Giger Currency Note “x∅”

Price for this virtual experience: £10000000

X-Ray of this note, showing underlying Giger design skeleton montage. These ‘bones’ in the colour version bring to mind an impossibly ancient cursive summoning script:

H.R Giger Currency X-Ray
H.R Giger Currency X-Ray

Colour Scheme for Giger Currency Note

Colour scheme for Giger Currency note as follows:

  • Algae green
  • Terracotta blue
  • Gold rust
  • Royal purple
  • Earth brown
  • White (for the border)

Digital art experience – Ninja: Richard Harrison

Classic ninja z-movie actor Richard Harrison in 256 colours – 2910×2176, 2.1 hours in Gimp

Price for this virtual experience: £150000

Example Artist Statement

Alien Fiction is pleased to present “Ninja: Richard Harrison in 256 colours” – the most recent digital art concept by Amateur Postmodern Theorist Robert What, employing strategies that dismiss notions of artworks as conceptual totalities, instead choosing happy, intensely multivitamin narratives crafted from a variety of simultaneous approaches, not just a single image that expresses big ideas about humanity in its relation to technology

Rob’s new conceptual workspace is informed by a sophisticated discourse on traditional philosophical concepts – a deep understanding of the aesthetic and cultural character of the dark Amerikan continent as well as an invigorating inclination and facility with its various materials, modalities and methods. By inventively handling these materials within an outsider’s postmodern neo-sculptural framework, combined with a highly developed experimental approach to helping digital art emerge from the biomatrix of daily life, Robert What manifests timeless journeys into the strangeness of the Present – both unorthodox and persistently innovative, ignoring strict boundaries between different Cultural hierarchies concerning form and idea

Ninja: Richard Harrison (256 colours)
Ninja: Richard Harrison (256 colours)

Consider his figurative photo-manipulation of actor Richard Harrison (star of of classic Z-Movie “Ninja” flicks by Godfrey Ho) – from an original Youtube screenshot – a deliberately obscure satire of / homage to Western modernity, functioning as a transitional node between so-called ‘straight-to-unrewound-VHS’ flicks of the early 90s; a kitsch re-appropriation of on-screen masculinity / power, and a safe and loving connection to the screen as a cultural interface – all built on a neon drenched foundation of shared values, talking and touching – a trusting informality using bold, yet subtle (256 color) shading to playful effect

Scamsoft: the mass crowdsourced psychology of Richard Nixon’s After Reset

Прямо скажу: первое впечатление подорвали арты, в большинстве своем они – просто переделки старых постеров Fallout’ов. Коментарии добили то, что оставалось от доверия к игре, извините.
~ Deidara 17 Apr @ 2:15pm

Zero history, zero accountability, and infinite empty airbrushed promises: your welcome to “After Reset”

Probably not in-game: After Reset bullshot
“We’re saying nothing, generically” – probably not in-game bullshot from After Reset

Scamsoft“: Early Access crapolaware with that slightly greasy, sketchy, ‘scammy’ feel. When appearances are everything, the silently howling digital void becomes all encompassing

Not only do such badly formulated, poorly written consumer pitch videos explain nothing, they actually promise nothing. Here it seems, the mere event of the game’s ‘existence’ as a (forever unfinishable) project is (seemingly) enough; no context, nothing whatsoever about the developer – apparently an ex furniture seller – just symbols of ideas in a (dreadful) state of permanent flux, ever subject to change, please wait for further drip-fed pseudo updates

Game Development Among The Mountain Villages Of Asia

According to player Gilead at Rock Paper Shotgun, Mr. Nixon shared an admittedly awesome insight into ‘game development among the mountain villages of Asia’, a phrase which even now is seen as an In-Scene gamedev classic:

"Game Development Among The Mountain Villages Of Asia"
“Game Development Among The Mountain Villages Of Asia”

After Reset Comic: The Fall of Gyes

Apparently a ‘sci-fi graphic novel with stunning cinematic quality and an intriguing story inspired by classic sci-fi horror films of Ridley Scott’, the After Reset comic is in plain fact a bland meisterwerk of arbitrary non-sequitur illogic, effortlessly standard sci fi potboiling cliches, presented here in colour corrected glory

Sad thing is, there does seem at least some artistic skill on display here; if only the devs used as much effort in being totally forthright and upfront about their project as they do on maintaining the superficial appearance of ‘being a real developer

Hot tip: airbrush in the face of Josh Hartnett and Jordana Brewster into your project today

Early Access Developer Diaries

Early Access Developer Diaries are a bizarre cultural in-joke, meant to provide the vague illusion of something – anything – happening, development wise

In the following video we see the ‘development’ of a single sci fi helmet – the joke of course being that at this (/deliberately snail-paced?) rate of obsolescent gamedev practice, good old “Richard Nixon” – I mean common, Adults – and “Black Cloud Studios” will have finished After Reset around about the time our local sun goes nova

This tells us nothing: After Reset concept art
This tells us (Virtually) nothing: random After Reset concept art

The mass psychology behind such profoundly unprofoundly-flimsy Early Access projects appears to be that it’s infinitely more about the appearance of ‘getting in on the act‘ with multiple random other Fundees, then anything remotely to do with what’s being said the actual project is remotely ‘about’ – a literal crowdsourced theatrical pseudo-event, a Game Development themed Stand Alone Complex

After Reset game Sci Fi modules
After Reset game Sci Fi modules: for instant “Game”

Investing in psychological investment

Apparently all you need for a Game nowadays is the correct sci-fi modules – which in this care are the Players themselves, who provide the largest bulk of the content of the game – which is their very own Belief that it is all indeed A Real Game, and will (at some forever delayed point in the future) be fully realized

Thing is, it is already fully realized in their collective public mindspace – for that’s what the developers have precisely sold it to them as / sold them to it as – and this is exactly what the devs are counting on as they continue to bleed new player’s wallets dry over a period of considerable unchecked months, tailing off (like a slowly drying up trail / tale of developmental diarrhoea) off into less and less fruitful years – of bitter disappointment

Hardly surprising note: the Steam Community Forum screenshots seen at the end of this Jimquisition review of After Reset seem to have completely disappeared

Digital Conceptal-Art Experience: Floyd Money Mayweather Welcome To My World

Digital Conceptual-Art Experience: “Floyd Money Mayweather Welcome To My World, aka “Clinchy”

Details: Original 3840×2160, 1hr in Gimp, based on a selfie by Money

Floyd Money Mayweather Welcome To My World
“Clinchy”: Floyd Money Mayweather Welcome To My World

Price for this virtual experience: $3 Million

Example Artist Statement

In commemoration of the fight between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao and the subsequent Death Of Boxing, amateur postmodern theorist Robert What presents Digital Conceptual-Art Experience: “Floyd Money Mayweather Welcome To My World”, aka “Clinchy”

Based on a tweet / selfie of ‘Money’ standing in front of several of his cars and a private jet with the message “Welcome to my world”, this digital conceptual art experience consists of the following playful elements:

  • The fact that two of these experiences are on offer
  • The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight itself and the so-called ‘death of boxing’
  • Money’s “Welcome to my world” tweet and selfie
  • Amateur Postmodern Theorist Robert What‘s digital art of Money’s selfie
  • The purchaser of this whole Digital Conceptual-Art Experience
  • Subsequent press coverage about the event
  • The psychic potential generated by the possibility of either Floyd andor Manny commenting on this digital conceptual-art event

This digital conceptual-art experience is entitled “Clinchy” as it displays ‘Money grasping’. The colors in the digital art represent psychedelic coral island structures in nature, floating above a modern ritualistic wealth-display as the words “welcome to my world” rain down in silence from the purple-blue sheltering sky

The result is a garish mix of new social media hyperreality / materialistic excess – and a subtle, dry yet nostalgically impressionistic commentary on recent innovations in communications technology – its abundant versatility as a potent source of raw artistic inspiration

All money from this art experience will to go to helping martial / digital artists, and buy thousands of free condoms for people in the Philippines